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Focused readers (and those feed reading rather than bellying up to the trough) may have overlooked two new elements in the sidebar.  Let me draw your attention to them now.
Further down the page I’ve added a “Crossing my Radar” box in which I share links to some of the most interesting and useful posts I’ve spotted across the blogosphere.   [...]


Debbie at Delicious Baby (tagline: Making Travel with Kids Fun) has started a new Photo Friday feature, allowing us web voyeurs to travel around the globe with everyone who chooses to participate (if you’re photo-happy, find out how you can join in at the link above). Since I’ve already got a Friday Freebie feature and [...]


To my fellow travelers:
Friday marked the 200th post on Less Than a Shoestring. The blog is just one month shy of her first birthday, and in that same month we should reach 100,000 visitors. Right now, everything seems to be coming up 8s — July saw the climb to over 88,000 readers and 800 [...]


Check out the new “For Your Desktop” tab at the top of the page. You’ll find a regularly-updated desktop background, created especially for each month, featuring some of the photographs I’ve taken on my travels.
Here’s a peek at this month’s download:
You can find all the information on how to upgrade your wallpaper underneath [...]

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Less Than a Shoestring reached 20,000 hits this week, doubling total page views in just one month! I’m so happy you’re reading along and I thank you for your comments, questions and bookmarks.
This feat is in no small part due to the wider coverage the blog has gotten in the last month. Here’s [...]

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