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Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to this week’s Carnival of Cities. I’m happy to be your host as we jet around the world following tales of tapioca, tumbling and taxidermy. Intrigued? Read on . . .
New York City, NY, USA: Sascha Zuger from Travel Savvy Mom scoops a great hotel package, [...]


An unfortunate scenario: you’ve booked yourself on two low-cost flights connecting at London Stansted airport and find yourself with an entire day to kill between them.
Common sense dictates that if you’ve got less than four hours between arrival and the next two-hour check-in window, you simply stay put. There are plenty of restaurants [...]

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Getting to and from Stansted Airport Cheaply
If you want to save money on airport transportation, moral of the story is: BOOK EARLY and ONLINE.
Absolute cheapest when booked in advance is easyBus, where you can snag fares as low as £4 each way (plus 25p booking fee). Since planning for my own trip, they [...]


Another five days in London, including flights to/from Berlin, once again cost me under £100. How did I do it? I lay my budget bare and reveal the winner of the Reader Tips contest for London after the jump.