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Happy New Year!  Back by popular demand, January’s calendar desktop is ready for download.  Reader Paul requested this snowy scene from my last Photo Friday post, and I’ll never let it be said that I don’t aim to please . . .  Preview of the image at left.
If you’re not sure how to change your desktop [...]


As much as we all enjoyed the cactus, it’s time for a change — you’ll find July’s free desktop calendar ready for download in the “For Your Desktop” tab above. You can see a sneak peek on the right. Setting new wallpaper is easy — even technophobes can follow the directions and have this [...]


Check out the new “For Your Desktop” tab at the top of the page. You’ll find a regularly-updated desktop background, created especially for each month, featuring some of the photographs I’ve taken on my travels.
Here’s a peek at this month’s download:
You can find all the information on how to upgrade your wallpaper underneath [...]

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