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Europe makes it so easy, even for the busy tourist, to take a meandering stroll through a public park.  Due to their central locations, the following parks are hardly an addition to a traveler’s checklist — indeed, they connect visitor points of interest so smoothly, you’ll think you planned to take that little break in [...]


I’m busy with all the last-minute must-dos before my trip begins tomorrow, so just a quick post/plea:
National Geographic is sponsoring an ecotourism changemakers competition and awarding three winners $5000 each towards their project.  You can read about these 20 inspiring finalists at the link above.
Today is the last day to vote for your favorites, and [...]

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Welcome to the second Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Europe. Here you’ll find European travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend. This week’s carnival is another quite manageable one, with entries sorted geographically for your reading ease.
Central and Eastern Europe
First up is a peek into the hallowed halls of the [...]


One of the frustrations of being a tourist is often, well, other tourists. They’re everywhere you go; you can’t get away from them, right? (Now imagine how the locals feel.) In places like Florence, the sheer number of extra bodies between Duomo and Uffizi is simply overwhelming.
It’s not news that by traveling [...]


A combination of the mystique garnered through strained East-West relations and a few too many viewings of Dr. Zhivago have left many people with a strong, romantic desire to ride the train across a frozen Russian countryside. For many, a visit to Russia and its vast expanses are imaginable only from the window of [...]