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Focused readers (and those feed reading rather than bellying up to the trough) may have overlooked two new elements in the sidebar.  Let me draw your attention to them now.
Further down the page I’ve added a “Crossing my Radar” box in which I share links to some of the most interesting and useful posts I’ve spotted across the blogosphere.   [...]


Tickets are purchased but plans are still loose:  the no-budget traveler is tackling the American capitals of New York City and Washington DC at the start of the new year.  With just 2.5 days for each city, time and money are at a premium.  What budget secrets have you uncovered for museums, transportation, or restaurants?  What are your [...]


Shoestring reader and friend of the blog James D., currently of the Big Apple, took a trip to Montreal this summer and had the following tips for fellow no-budget travelers:
+ Getting There: if you have time, take the train from NYC. Yes, it is a long ride, but it is a beautiful one, and [...]

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For the price of a €10 RyanAir airfare (round-trip), I’m headed to Edinburgh in mid-November (because who doesn’t like traveling when it’s dark and cold?!).
I turn to you again, my wise and fearless readers, for your no-budget travel advice. I’ve got 4.5 days and 5 nights in Scotland, flying in and out of EDI. [...]


Readers are often skeptical at first that I travel as cheaply as I say I do, and the first target of their criticism is usually the cost of my flights. Looking over my budgets, you’ll see that I don’t crack the 30 euro mark on airfare, even when my trip is made up of [...]


Per yesterday’s post, I’m off in April for my first trip to Spain and have tied in time in gateway country England as well. That’ll be 4.5 days in London, .5 days passing through Valladolid to Madrid (unless someone argues I should spend more time there), 4 days in Madrid, 3.5 days in Barcelona, [...]


Today’s post comes courtesy of long time reader, first time guest blogger Julia, currently at an undisclosed location in Bangladesh.
Having spent a total of ten months living and traveling in South Asian countries, I’ve done a fair amount of haggling. Sometimes I worry that I’m embarrassing myself for a little money, but usually [...]

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As I posted a month ago, I am looking for reader tips on Malta and Venice for my trip next week. Most useful tip posted for each location will win a small prize. Any and all advice is welcomed! Leave your tips in the comments.


Three friends, three holiday flights home, 18.5 hours of delay. Hear their survival advice after the jump.


It’s that time again: cheap flights have been advertised and purchased and I am travel scheming.
I am calling once again on the collective knowledge of my readership for tips and tricks for Venice (and the Veneto region generally), Ljubljana (and Slovenia generally), Malta and finally Stuttgart (and Baden-Württemberg generally). Trips are planned for [...]

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