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+ Before you take off on your trip, purge your wallet of all unnecessary cards (library cards, gift cards, Blockbuster, etc.) and leave them at home. Better yet, use a different wallet for your trip and selectively and consciously put items you need (ATM card, credit card, insurance information, driver’s license if you’ll [...]


There is still so much to digest from my visit to the ITB on Sunday — and I’m not talking about all the candy I scored walking around “Poland” for a couple hours . . . Lots of ideas, new destinations, imaginations for the upcoming travel season. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll [...]


DHL is giving away Fodor’s 1001 Smart Travel Tips for filling out a short survey about your international shipping habits. No need to lie or let them use your information for anything but sending you the guide. Yay for free books!
Edit 11/19/07: mine finally arrived. Due to overwhelming demand, the Travel [...]


An interesting development in travel, largely inspired I assume by the hassles of airplane security and the increasing cost of jet fuel, is the entry of delivery companies into the luggage transport field. Dana blogged about a couple of services for business travelers taking this idea to the extreme over at the Geek Buffet.
Today [...]

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