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The travel season is in full swing, as you can tell by the questions rolling into my e-mailbox.

First up is Patricia from Norman (welcome back!), who wanted to know how to treat her luggage if she feared it had been exposed to bedbugs.

This is a serious (if icky!) question, as no one wants a bedbug [...]


With as little respect as they seem to have for their customers today, I’m pretty certain I’ll never feel sorry for any U.S. airline — even when they petition me directly.
If you’re a smart reader and are subscribed to your favorite airlines’ e-news and deals mailing lists, you likely got the same plea I did, [...]


A few months ago, a friend of mine posted a note on an internet BB: “Just in case you were wondering, it IS possible to fly [in the U.S.] without ID. Lots of extra time, searches and questions involved, but it IS possible.”
If you’re a frequent flier, it’s probably not something you think [...]


Welcome to the fifth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Europe. Here you’ll find European travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Photographic inspiration this week comes from yours truly, one of the many intricate details I captured (in this case, a carved door) in June at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
If you’re headed [...]

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Welcome to the fifth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Here you’ll find South American, African, and Middle Eastern (and Antarctic!) travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Photographic inspiration this week thanks to Nick Amis of Intelligent Travel’s Global Eye.  Click on the link to read about [...]


I’m busy with all the last-minute must-dos before my trip begins tomorrow, so just a quick post/plea:
National Geographic is sponsoring an ecotourism changemakers competition and awarding three winners $5000 each towards their project.  You can read about these 20 inspiring finalists at the link above.
Today is the last day to vote for your favorites, and [...]

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From the producer of our poorly-orchestrated increased airline security measures (“Only Terrorists Carry 200 ml of Toothpaste”) and the creator of the color-based national security threat chart (“Like Clockwork, Orange!”), a new move certain to alienate our closest friends and allies:  starting January 12, 2009, all travelers to the U.S. who travel without visa restrictions (15 million [...]


RyanAir is making some changes to its fees structure that passengers should be aware of: for all flights booked after May 5, checked baggage fees are increasing to £8/€10 for the first bag booked online (£16/€20 if purchased at the airport), £16/€20 for each additional bag (max. 3 total) whether online or airport. [...]


Planes, trains and automobiles! We’ve got it all in this week’s news roundup.
Traveling around the UK over a bank holiday weekend can lead to major delays on public transportation, warns Pam Kent of the IHT Globespotters Blog. In a recent post (inspired by tomorrow’s holiday), she notes,
Network Rail, the government body that looks [...]


Less Than a Shoestring will be participating in a live blogging event held today over at Europe a la Carte. Topic is the ever-popular “How to get more from your Euro”; you’ll find advice from a star-studded lineup of budget travel bloggers. You can read more about us here, and even get yourself [...]

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