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If you’re new to Less Than a Shoestring, please take some time and have a poke around! I welcome your questions and comments on the site. This blog shows that travel can indeed be both pleasurable and frugal. Because I live in Europe, you’ll find loads of information on European no-budget travel — [...]


Safety is one of the primary concerns of every traveler. Here are a few freebies to help protect yourself on the road (like the treacherous one below I recently spotted in Linz, Germany):
+ from germs
+ from cooties
+ from insects
+ from password theft
+ from sunburn (scroll to “Product Features”)
+ and, if you’re crafty, from pickpockets [...]


Planes, trains and automobiles! We’ve got it all in this week’s news roundup.
Traveling around the UK over a bank holiday weekend can lead to major delays on public transportation, warns Pam Kent of the IHT Globespotters Blog. In a recent post (inspired by tomorrow’s holiday), she notes,
Network Rail, the government body that looks [...]


+ Before you take off on your trip, purge your wallet of all unnecessary cards (library cards, gift cards, Blockbuster, etc.) and leave them at home. Better yet, use a different wallet for your trip and selectively and consciously put items you need (ATM card, credit card, insurance information, driver’s license if you’ll [...]


An unfortunate scenario: you’ve booked yourself on two low-cost flights connecting at London Stansted airport and find yourself with an entire day to kill between them.
Common sense dictates that if you’ve got less than four hours between arrival and the next two-hour check-in window, you simply stay put. There are plenty of restaurants [...]

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You’ve got seven hours ahead of you on this trip — seven hours where you feel you should be doing something, seven hours where you’ve got to keep yourself, maybe your spouse, maybe your van full of kids entertained and busy. Suggestions after the jump.


I just hate airports that charge for wireless internet connections; like it’s not bad enough that all the food is overpriced and my flight is delayed, now you want me to cough up $9.95 an hour to go online? Thankfully not every airport is a Scrooge. Here you can find a list of [...]