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I may be a napkin hoarder on the road (I heard echos of myself in this episode’s Act One from This American Life), but sometimes nothing but a moist towelette will do. Stock up on your supply with free samples from:
Clean and Clear
And for bigger jobs? Give this sample of reusable Scott [...]


The travel season is in full swing, as you can tell by the questions rolling into my e-mailbox.

First up is Patricia from Norman (welcome back!), who wanted to know how to treat her luggage if she feared it had been exposed to bedbugs.

This is a serious (if icky!) question, as no one wants a bedbug [...]


Being on the road doesn’t have to mean neglecting your teeth. Sure . . .
. . . sometimes you forget to pack a toothbrush. Have no fear, Mr. Toothbrush wants to send you a sample toothbrush, preloaded with toothpaste for easy brushing on the go.
. . . airport security won’t let you take [...]

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A quick post between travels and loads of laundry . . . Expect budget reports on Venice and Malta next week.
If you’ve linked over to the blog from BlogHer or Vagabondish, welcome! On the BlogHer page, you may also have read the post by Barbara at Hole in the Donut about Traveling Safely which [...]


Welcome MSN Money smartSpending readers!  We’re glad to have you with us!  Now on to the goodies . . .
Some swear they’ve never gotten sick while traveling when using it; others call it a placebo. Just in time for the holiday cold and flu travel season, you can try it yourself for free and [...]