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With the rise of travel information available for free or on the internet, I have read other blog posts about skipping the guidebook altogether or about chopping up your book into a Frankenguide. I pimp every travel guide I’ve ever purchased with new information, fold-out color maps from tourist info, business cards from good restaurants [...]


Welcome to the fourth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Europe. Here you’ll find European travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Photographic inspiration this week comes from yours truly, with a sloping street view of flowering balconies, rain-slicked cobblestones and lush wisteria growing over ancient stone walls captured in Girona, Spain in April.
Andrew Evans reminds us of the [...]

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Get a free Rand McNally Road Atlas for filling out a survey about your shipping habits over at the DHL website. The atlas contains over 80 pages of maps for the United States, Canada and Mexico. A great resource before the summer travel season takes off!
While you’re thinking of it, why don’t you take a [...]

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Once upon a time, a traveler wanted to request free highway maps from a few neighboring states before setting off on a road trip. Who needs a pricey AAA membership, the traveler thought, when every state produces a map for free? In the hunt for maps, this traveler discovered that some states distribute them [...]


Not quite sure what to get your favorite traveler this holiday season and don’t have much money to spend? You’ve come to the right place. Though this post comes too late to get your buddy eight days of inexpensive gifts for Hanukkah (this year), Santa still has a couple weeks to get his [...]


DHL is giving away Fodor’s 1001 Smart Travel Tips for filling out a short survey about your international shipping habits. No need to lie or let them use your information for anything but sending you the guide. Yay for free books!
Edit 11/19/07: mine finally arrived. Due to overwhelming demand, the Travel [...]


I wrote yesterday about Lonely Planet’s experiment selling PDF chapters of its guidebooks rather than entire books. Today I want to write about something I mentioned at the end of the post: not paying retail prices for your professionally-produced travel advice.
Natch, the cheapest way to get your travel info is to check [...]


Well, sort of anyway. They are now offering Pick & Mix PDF versions of their Latin America series as a test of the popularity and usefulness of such a business model.
The idea is this: you can purchase single chapters of a book, skipping those you don’t need/want. You pay only for what [...]