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Welcome to the second Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Europe. Here you’ll find European travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend. This week’s carnival is another quite manageable one, with entries sorted geographically for your reading ease.
Central and Eastern Europe
First up is a peek into the hallowed halls of the [...]


A quick post between travels and loads of laundry . . . Expect budget reports on Venice and Malta next week.
If you’ve linked over to the blog from BlogHer or Vagabondish, welcome! On the BlogHer page, you may also have read the post by Barbara at Hole in the Donut about Traveling Safely which [...]


Welcome to the second Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for the Americas. Here you’ll find North American, Central American and Caribbean travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.
If you only have time to read one post this week, let me recommend the oddly named The Secret Lives of Travelers by Susan [...]

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A follow-up to yesterday’s piece, I was inspired by Janel writing at Frugal Hacks about packing food for the road. [A little plug here: I recently joined Frugal Hacks, and if you write about frugality, you can too! Follow the FH button in my sidebar. Readers can navigate to a variety of [...]


Never, ever pay for dessert on your birthday again!  Restaurants across the U.S. are waiting to reward you with free food, drink and other perks simply because you were born low those many years ago . . .  Don’t forget to take your ID as proof!
A navigable post about your many, many free options can [...]


This week, “Frugal Traveler” Matt Gross of the NY Times details a weekend in Seattle. Again, he has the envy-worth budget of $500 for two days on the town (which I guess makes me a “grunge aficionado” in his book). We’ll look more closely at where his money goes after the jump.


One of the things that really annoys me, as you can read on my About page, is the “budget” travel advice given by travel writers with a budget I (and others) would kill for. Matt Gross, better known as the “Frugal Traveler” of the NY Times, is one such writer. His weekend travel [...]


In August I posted a request for reader tips to the high-budget destinations of London and Stockholm. To the worthy advice of my readers on the former, I add my own observations following my recent travels to both.


Oktoberfest is one of Germany’s most famous and popular festivals; the largest Oktoberfest celebration takes place in Munich every year. Most people associate it with beer — and rightly so! This year’s festival in Munich saw 6.2 million visitors drink 6.7 million “Maß” (pronounced mass, usually a liter of beer). The tents [...]


Improving on an idea many of us are familiar with from the frozen foods section of our local grocery store, many DC retailers are seeking to lure shoppers with free candy, wine, beer, manicures, yoga and even palm readings. You don’t need to buy, you just need to know where to be! You [...]