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RyanAir is making some changes to its fees structure that passengers should be aware of: for all flights booked after May 5, checked baggage fees are increasing to £8/€10 for the first bag booked online (£16/€20 if purchased at the airport), £16/€20 for each additional bag (max. 3 total) whether online or airport. [...]


Readers are often skeptical at first that I travel as cheaply as I say I do, and the first target of their criticism is usually the cost of my flights. Looking over my budgets, you’ll see that I don’t crack the 30 euro mark on airfare, even when my trip is made up of [...]


Planes, trains and automobiles! We’ve got it all in this week’s news roundup.
Traveling around the UK over a bank holiday weekend can lead to major delays on public transportation, warns Pam Kent of the IHT Globespotters Blog. In a recent post (inspired by tomorrow’s holiday), she notes,
Network Rail, the government body that looks [...]


Azul Airlines, a low-cost Brazilian airline initiative led by JetBlue founder David Neeleman, will begin flying early 2009. Two good links with more information are Azul Airlines Unveiled (CNBC video) or Jet Blue founder David Neeleman sees big potential for his new Brazilian airline (IHT article).
EasyJet is advertising a service for business travelers that [...]

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A question on the WARNING: RyanAir Online Check-in thread had me scoping out the insurance policy on offer from the airline when you purchase your ticket. It was there I made the following discoveries:
+ Despite the fact that travel insurance is offered with every RyanAir ticket, only UK and IE residents are actually [...]


First up this Monday is musician Marie from Canada, who is trying to fly on RyanAir with two violins and a guitar. She writes,
Hi, I’ve been trying to talk to someone from Ryan Air for the past 3 weeks and it’s impossible! My question is about carrying musical instruments in the cabin. They [...]


Happy Monday! Lots of news and updates since my last roundup post.
First, Europe changed their clocks on Sunday — I meant to blog about this before any of you could have missed your flights, buses, cruises, trains, breakfasts, what have you . . . Due to a U.S. law passed in 2005, neither [...]


If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ll let you in on today’s activity: RyanAir is advertising another of their “no taxes, no fees, no charges” sales. Included are flights for the month of April only. Tickets must be purchased by midnight tonight. The good news: despite the booking engine [...]


A number of my favorite travel bloggers are in town for the ITB — the team from EuroCheapo and I ascended the dome of the Reichstag in record time last night, while a reception tonight promises a meeting with Karen from Europe a la Carte. It’s always nice in the largely anonymous blogosphere to [...]

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A three-night trip to Malta, including round-trip airfare, cost me a whopping 50 euros. I’ll show you how after the jump.