Travel on a Shoestring blog carnivals seek to highlight the best recent posts from across the blogosphere on budget travel topics. Each Saturday, a new area of the globe will be featured. Each carnival is published once per month on Saturday of its week. Submissions are due on the Wednesday of that week.

First Saturday of the month: Europe

Second Saturday: North and Central America, Caribbean

Third Saturday: Asia, Oz, NZ, Oceania

Fourth Saturday: South America, Africa, Middle East

Wondering if your post fits the bill or simply looking for all the carnival posts in one spot? Read through the archives.

Other thoughts:

+ Your blog needn’t be a travel blog, but the post you submit must pertain to budget travel.

+ No spam, blatant advertising or unrelated posts are going to get through, so please refrain from submitting them.

+ One entry per blog per carnival. Please do not cross post the same blog entry to different Shoestring carnivals — it will only be posted once!

+ It’s good practice to link back to the carnival and advertise your post!

Feel free to contact me with questions. My email is in the “contact” tab above.

I look forward to all your tips and insights. Thank you for participating!

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1 Mrs. Mecomber 02.28.08 at 6:54 pm

Looks like a blast!

2 BC Travel 04.06.08 at 4:42 pm

Sounds like a real good time.

3 Janet 11.18.08 at 8:37 am

Sounds like fun! I’ll be submitting soon!

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