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Welcome to the eighth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Asia, Oz. Here you’ll find Asian, Australian, New Zealand, and Oceania travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Photo inspiration this week comes from my friend Ciaron, currently gallivanting around Japan.  While this image is from one of his previous trips, you and your stomach can also travel vicariously via the tumblr of his current trip here.

One of my favorite cultural differences is the Japanese obsession with vending machines.  Two great photo blog entries on that topic come to us this week:  first, on KuriositasJapan — the Land of Vending Machines.  Then, Joe Schott borrows a few from the first link, yet manages to find some other winners in his post The 20 Awesomest Japanese Vending Machines: Porno, Panties & Pringles at Heavy.

In more news of vicarious travel fantasy, my friend Coco is moving to Chennai with her husband later this spring.  In her honor, I’ve put together a few links of interest about things to see and do in her new hometown.

In all your dealings, it can’t hurt to follow Dean Foster’s advice on How to Make Friends and Not Alienate People … in India, posted at National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s site on Informal City Dialogues has research devoted to Chennai, including this great article by Jamie Osborne on Why Chennai’s Vendors Prefer the Sidewalk to the Mall.

Readers at Lonely Planet have put together a general shopping guide for Chennai.

J.C. Lewis at USA Today has a few informal tips on Southern India for Tourists, but if the official word is what you’re looking for, visit the Tamil Nadu Tourism Organization site.

There I found information about the hill station of Ooty and its amazing Botanical Gardens.  Get a quick overview in Chris Chopp’s post Botanical Gardens in Ooty, posted at Full Stop India.  For even more information, check out Baiju Joseph’s post and photo albums on Government Botanical Gardens, Ooty.

If you make it further afield to Mumbai, Sulagna Dasgupta recommends taking off to the Sahyadri mountain ranges for stops at the hill stations of Panchgani, Lake Tapola, and River Wai.  Check out her account in Our Romantic Holiday in Lake Tapola, Panchgani & Wai near Mumbai, India posted at Love in India.

Wrapping up, if Thailand is your destination, National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel has two great articles for you.

Erin Block describes four must-see (and -taste!) Bangkok markets in A Market for All Seasons in Thailand.  Finally, Alana Morgan describes the highlights of Chiang Mai, from where to get lost to what to drink, in I ♥ My City:  Chiang Mai.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Submit your blog article (or encourage your favorite travel bloggers to submit) to the next edition of Travel on a Shoestring: Asia, Oz using the carnival submission form. Next week this time we travel to South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Antarctica. You can still submit your posts to that carnival till Saturday.


Welcome to the eighth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for the Americas. Here you’ll find North American, Central American and Caribbean travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Speaking of the Caribbean, have you followed this horror story of the Triumph cruise gone awry?  Apparently the passengers couldn’t catch a break, even once they were rescued:  following their cruise ship disaster, their charter bus to the airport broke down, then their charted flight had technical problems and was also delayed.  As noted in the article, the only thing that can get you through such a serious string of bad travel juju is keeping a sense of humor about the situation.

The first article reports that passengers were not only being refunded their fares, but given equal credit toward a future cruise.  After such an experience, would that entice you back on board?  Could anything?

Onto happier thoughts …

Photo inspiration for this week’s carnival comes courtesy of Andrew Crusoe of Byteful Travel.

In his post A Stunning Hiking Tour into Red Rock Canyon, NV, Andrew describes his adventure through the trails of gorgeous rock formations at Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas.

It’s absolutely no wonder then that Dani Blanchette has Red Rock Canyon on her list of Free Things To Do In Vegas Guide 1 and Guide 2 posted at Going Nomadic, right?

Zhu from Correr Es Mi Destino is back again this week with Ten Things That Surprised Me in New York City.  She writes, “One of the rea­sons it took us so long to pay NYC a visit is that, like most major world cities, it has a rep­u­ta­tion for being expen­sive. This is true to a cer­tain extent, but there are many ways to enjoy NYC on a budget.”

Zhu mentions saving money by visiting the MoMA for free Friday nights, but readers should note that’s just one of many free entries to museums and cultural institutions across the U.S. made possible by Target sponsorship.  You can find more about this, including participating organizations near you, in my post, Friday Freebie:  Target Free Museum Days.

On this same theme, Spencer Spellman at EuroCheapo Blog has the scoop on San Francisco:  Calendar of Free Museum Days.

We close up this week’s carnival with some advice from William at at Card Guys Blog. In his post Don’t sunburn your credit card, he explains how to economically protect oneself while giving into the post-holiday urge to follow the sun.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Travel on a Shoestring: Americas using our carnival submission form. Check out previous editions of this and other Shoestring carnivals here.

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Welcome to this week’s Travel on a Shoestring Carnival, focusing on the highlights of the European continent. Photographic inspiration of the Crimean vineyards at harvest time comes to us from Q. Sakamakil at National Geographic’s Best Trips 2013. Click on the image to view further pictures of this Ukrainian destination.

Four posts from France start us off this week. Laurie Pike highlights the best swap and flea markets in Paris in her post Affordable Europe: Shop Paris’s hidden markets, posted at This Just InBudget Travel.

Bryan Pirolli’s got the scoop on 2013’s hottest events in Paris in his post 13 Reasons to Visit Paris in 2013 (as if we needed MORE reasons to visit Paris, non?), posted at EuroCheapo blog.

If you find yourself in the south of France, Gorges Du Verdon, The Europe Green Canyon would make an excellent excursion from Nice, Cannes, or Aix-en-Provence.

Zhu compares the cost of living (“a national sport among immigrants”) in North America and Europe in her post 8 Things More Expensive in Canada than in France, posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

Meghana describes her scenic Swiss adventure in Luzern to Interlaken Panoramic Train, posted at Around The World.

Nicky and Susanne detail why staying off the beaten path is better in their post Holland and Belgium: Consider Smaller Destinations Beyond the Capitals on EuroCheapo blog.

Perhaps you missed my very own post on Weird but Memorable Restaurant Options in Berlin on EuroCheapo blog?

I’m a fan of murals and street art, are you? Heather discovers an Italian mountain village with “walls that talk” — where the shops and houses are covered with murals, ranging from traditional scenes to political protest, in her post Bandits and Murals in Sardinia, posted at Heather on her travels.

Bas Grasmayer describes how making friends with the locals in Turkey pays off in numerous ways in his post The Vegetarian Sandwich, posted at

Across the Channel, Annie Fitzsimmons describes the highlights of Galway and the best excursions from the city in her post Galway: a Hundred Thousand Welcomes, posted at Intelligent Travel.

Steven has 10 great tips for making hitchhiking easier and safer in his post Hitch Hiking For Dummies, posted at Socratez Online

“Those miles that you’ve been stockpiling by charging everything from a pack of gum to a flat-screen TV just got a little less valuable,” warns Matt Schulz in his post on frequent flier credit card changes, No more free travel for some airlines’ frequent fliers, posted at

Emily Starbuck Crone gives smart advice on saving money while using credit cards in Europe in her post Credit card postcards from Europe: Vol. IV.

And wrapping up this week, hopefully smart Shoestring travelers already know Austin Hill’s Top Five Little Ways To Save Money In Europe, posted at Travellious?

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Travel on a Shoestring: Europe using our carnival submission form. Check out previous editions of this and other Shoestring carnivals here.


Welcome to this week’s oversized Travel on a Shoestring Carnival. We’ve got posts from 3/4 of the world collected here for your reading pleasure. Best get started!

Photographic inspiration for this edition comes from National Geographic’s Photo of the Day series — a picture taken of the Great Sphinx in 1921 by Society photographer Donald McLeish. Fitting then that our first two posts take us to Egypt.

Making a visit to Giza’s Pyramids a more enjoyable experience for travelers while simultaneously helping the local population sounds like a win-win. Check out the details in Rachael Dunlap’s article Peddler-free Pyramids? posted at Intelligent Travel.

Kimberly Sandberg becomes a vacation celebrity and must deal with the fan mail in her post Flashy ecards & Egyptian Love, posted at Go Green Travel Green.

Further south on the African continent, Ashley Thompson highlights a lodge in Rwanda that uses sustainable tourism practices to help the vanishing mountain gorilla in her post Rwandan Lodge Focuses on Gorilla Conservation posted at Intelligent Travel.

Heading westward now to South America, Andrew Evans recounts falling in love with the Argentinian countryside and getting the last seat on the last bus of his epic adventure in Bus2Antarctica: Argentina Long Haul posted at Intelligent Travel.

Mark O’Neill shows us the best views of the city from Cerro San Cristobal, Santiago, Chile posted at Travel Tips from a frequent traveler.

Dani Blanchette learned these universal budget Travel Tips posted at Going Nomadic while traveling in South America.

How do you feel about medical tourism? Dr Tooth writes that while more and more visitors flock to Costa Rica for its stunning landscapes and scenery, many are unaware that high-level medical and dental services are available at a fraction of first-world prices. Make up your mind for yourself after reading Prime Dental Tourism Destination – Costa Rica posted at WorlDental.

Let expert Tim Leffel sort the wheat from the chaff for you in his post on the most Useful Mexico Travel Websites posted at Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations.

Leyla Giray Alyanak gives some great tips for NYC visitors on a shoestring in her post Cheap New York: When You’re Close to Broke posted at Women on the Road Blog.

I have to say I was surprised by Kevin Giffin’s inclusion of Chatanooga, TN, as one of America’s highlights in his post 10 Trips All Families Should Take posted at Summer Nanny.

But then I read these three posts by Amy @ The Q Family: 13 Things to Do in Chattanooga, Journey Through the Tennessee Aquarium, and Fun Day at the Creative Discovery Museum, posted at The Q Family Adventures.

Attention SoCal visitors: theparttimelife presents five forms of frugal fun for five bucks or less in santa cruz on a shoestring, posted at the part-time life.

Tom’s got some tips on Getting a Free Airline Ticket, posted at FAC Travel Blog.

The next two posts are for the road warriors in our travel midst. Steve Faber presents How to Save Gas Tips – The Master List, posted at super gas saver. He writes, “If you’re driving on your next expedition, your single largest expense could easily be the price of fuel. Here’s how you can save money on gas (or diesel).”

Shaula shares three easy tips to make the most of “car cuisine” in order to save money on the road in her post Road Groceries: 3 tips to turn your car into your kitchen, posted at Your Mileage May Vary.

If you think of putters and wedges instead of cocktails and nightlife when talk turns to clubs, Lane Wright’s post on How to Avoid Sand Traps on Your Golf Vacations posted at Ping Golf Clubs may be just the thing you need to read.

Michael weaves a surprising and sad tale of musical mischief and mysterious love in Upon Meeting The 100% Perfect Moncton Girl posted at project hitchhiker. You’ll wish your Canadian travels led you to get “stuck” as he was!

Skipping now to Asia, are Laura’s 3 Day Trips From Tokyo You Shouldn’t Miss posted at Travelocafe Travel Blog already on your Japanese travel itinerary?

Find a short, off-beat itinerary you can do easily and adventurously in Beijing, without breaking the bank, in Cerise’s post 5 Things to Do in Beijing (That You Probably Don’t Know) posted at The Beijing Apartment Blog.

Who needs to take a fancy course to communicate with the Chinese? Not Dan Harris, who argues that following the no-nonsense model of Anthony Bourdain will get you far in his post F-ck China Culture Lessons. Give Me Anthony Bourdain With No Reservations, posted at China Law Blog.

The destination of Yelagiri is described on Discover Karnataka as a “small hilly hamlet in the India state of Tamil Nadu. People can visit there for a quiet weekend from Bangalore and Chennai. Do not expect the spectacular things of a hill station here. But is okay for a one-day visit. This tour can be done on a shoestring budget.”

Climbing Mount Everest is only one of many possible and popular Nepalese treks, accoring to Anish’s post Trekking in Nepal at

Maria Christiana’s post on Vietnam Trip : Colorful Bac Ha posted at Miss Bulbul will have you seeing rainbows and tasting snake.

If you’re headed to Australia, you may want to save a bit extra before you go. Zhu writes, “The Cana­dian dol­lar and the Aus­tralian dol­lar are roughly at par but in Oz is much more expen­sive. Hos­tel dorm-beds range between $20 and $40, and dou­ble rooms in back­packer places from $50 to $100. A movie ticket is $20, $30 for 3D. Aus­tralians don’t seem to real­ize how expen­sive their coun­try is com­pared to oth­ers.” Check out more of her wisdom in 10 Stuff We Learned in Australia, posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

Finally, for those in snowy climes needing a winter getaway fantasy, may I suggest you read The Ultimate Travel Guide Of Phi Phi Island at tourism journal to melt your cold, cold hearts?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this massive edition. Submit your posts for the next Travel on a Shoestring Carnival by following the links posted under the Carnivals tab. Next deadline is this Saturday.


Here’s your chance to share your travel stories and advice with other no-budget travelers.

Travel on a Shoestring blog carnivals seek to highlight the best recent posts from across the blogosphere on budget travel topics. Each Saturday, a new area of the globe will be featured. Each carnival is published once per month on Saturday of its week. Submissions are due on the Wednesday of that week.

First Saturday of the month: Europe

Second Saturday: North and Central America, Caribbean

Third Saturday: Asia, Oz, NZ, Oceania

Fourth Saturday: South America, Africa, Middle East

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Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to this week’s Carnival of Cities. I’m happy to be your host as we jet around the world following tales of tapioca, tumbling and taxidermy. Intrigued? Read on . . .

New York City, NY, USA: Sascha Zuger from Travel Savvy Mom scoops a great hotel package, describes her run-in with Sesame Street’s Gordon and highlights the Kids’ Night on Broadway offer in her post Broadway, Baby!

Rome, Italy: speaking of perfect hotels, Mara at Mother of All Trips has identified a real winner for young families near the Coliseum in her post Mondays Are for Dreaming: Hotel Lancelot.

Naples, Italy: Karen Landes is blogging at WhyGo Italy on the shades of life on display when slicing Naples in two in the post Spaccanapoli: Naples’ Historic Main Street.

Washington, DC, USA: Jon at The DC Traveler gives us a peek at the folks folding themselves in half and risking their lives nightly for our enjoyment when he goes Backstage at Cirque du Soleil KOOZA.

San Francisco, CA, USA: DFernandez takes us along on a twisty insider tour of his favorite tourist spots in The (Crooked) Road Not Taken at You’re So City.

London, UK: Caitlin at Roaming Tales is serving up top tips for London’s East End — not the least of which is where you may spot folk-dancing squirrels selling high-end clothes . . . Check out her post A Stroll through London’s Quirky East End for directions, or simply let your badger on a leash lead the way!

Prescott, AZ, USA: Granny J takes in an impressive number of public scupltures in Prescott’s Heroic Bronzes at Walking Prescott.

Dublin, Ireland: A detail on the airport wall caught the eye of Fin Keegan in the post Bitter in the End.

Dresden, Germany: You’d have to be blind to miss the detail on the tiled wall called the Procession of Princes in my post Saturday Photo Friday #4 here at Less Than a Shoestring.

Bangkok, Thailand: The news about hundreds of air passengers stranded as rebels seize the airport putting your Thai travel plans on hold? Conan Stevens serves up a perspective on the impact of the foreign spender in Is Thailand Safe to Travel in Now?

Shanghai, China: Our benevolent leader Sheila Scarborough gives us the scoop on a bubble tea chain discovered in China which has a branch in — no joke — Albuquerque in the post Stop into China’s rbt for Tea and Juice Drinks at the Family Travellogue.

Mexico City, Mexico: Gilocafe has a video to share from their visit to Teotihuacan Pyramids: Mexico City, Mexico.

Kanyakumari, India: Maneesh of Admirable India shares his photos from two museum visits in the post Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 2: Wandering Monk Exhibition, Kanyakumari and Government Museum, Kanyakumari: Part 1.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Jason Sarracini of Trip Quips gives a quick resort tip for a stay on the island.

That concludes this week’s Carnival — the next Carnival of Cities will be hosted by the friendly folks at UpTake. Submit your (one, non-spammy) blog post about any aspect of ONE city to the next edition before next Tuesday using the carnival submission form. If you like these posts, try browsing the extensive Carnival of Cities archives.


If you’re new to Less Than a Shoestring, please take some time and have a poke around! I welcome your questions and comments on the site. This blog shows that travel can indeed be both pleasurable and frugal. Because I live in Europe, you’ll find loads of information on European no-budget travel — but in keeping with This Just In’s post and for your ease, I’ve put together below a collection of my U.S. tips and bargains.

Once a month, the Travel on a Shoestring Carnival turns its focus to the Americas. You’ll find lots of great tips from around the blogosphere collected in the following posts:

Every Friday, the blog features a travel freebie. Some timeless classics for U.S. staycationers and backyard travelers:

Not free, but cheap activities include:

For those traveling a bit further afield, take a look at the posts:

If you’ll be driving to your destination, you’ll want to read:

Before flying, from the wild and wooly world of U.S. airline travel:

Changes U.S. travelers and visitors should know about:

See the no-budget traveler take on the New York Times’ “Frugal Traveler” in the posts:

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Carnival of Cities logoWelcome travelers!  I’m happy to be hosting the Carnival of Cities this week.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you should appreciate the variety of locations included in this weekly carnival; if you’re a follower of the carnival, welcome to my blog on no-budget travel and feel free to poke around!

Now, without further ado . . .

If planning a weekend trip to Canada, you’ll want to stop by Go Green Travel Green’s post Vancouver in 2 (Eco-Friendly) Days at Go Green Travel Green.

Heading south to California with Fido? Nancy Brown presents Upscale and Affordable Dog-Friendly Lodging in Mendocino County posted at What a Trip, saying, “Welcome to my new website! Less Than a Shoestring readers will appreciate the budget minded and dog friendly Fort Bragg recommendations, as well as the insider tip on a FREE off leash dog beach in Mendocino County.”

Another California destination — Half Moon Bay, to be exact — is presented by the baglady in Expensive cars are unnecessary for a good time – The Baglady’s 1st Anniversary Trip posted at xynny.

Looking for a cheap hotel in Chicago?  You can’t believe everything you read on the internet says Neil in B.Y.O.F. posted at Your Mileage May Vary, saying, “Some shoestrings are stringier than others…”

Hopping the Atlantic to Europe, I’ve got a post on what to see on a quick layover in Berlin in my post Two Hours in . . . Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Part II here at Less Than a Shoestring.

A train ride eastward brings us to Caitlin Fitzsimmons’ Photo Friday: Jewish Krakow posted at Roaming Tales, saying, “The Jewish quarter in Krakow still persists but it’s a shadow of its pre-World War II self. The Jewish Cemetery is a poignant reminder of what’s lost.”

Down on the Mediterranean, Jason Green presents The other side of Croatia – Pula « Europe a la Carte Blog posted at Europe A La Carte Blog, saying, “The Croatian city of Pula has beautiful beaches, a Roman arena and excellent seafood.”

Flying on to the subcontinent, presents Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore: Part 1: Ancient Watch Tower and Organic Cultivation posted at

Closing ceremonies this week in Beijing make Wendy’s post on City Icons: Beijing China at Escape From New York the fitting end to this carnival edition! 

Thanks for visiting and submitting!  You can easily get in on the next edition of Carnival of Cities by using the handy-dandy carnival submission form.  See you next week at the newly rebranded Family Travel Logue!


Welcome to the sixth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Here you’ll find South American, African, and Middle Eastern (and Antarctic!) travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Photographic inspiration this week thanks to Heather Bays and the kind folks at Intelligent Travel. You can read about Heather’s setup for the “perfect shot” in her hostel at Global Eye: Cordoba, Argentina.

Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler interviews a round-the-world cyclist on the most hospitable country that he has visited in (surprise?) Iran by Bike.

Nomadic Matt explains how a frugal lifestyle and travel ethic easily finance an unusual amount of travel in his post How I do it, part 2. Also a good read is his post on Keeping Yourself Motivated to Travel.

Joel Widzer has provocative ideas — such as (no joke) following natural disasters — to save you money on travel in his post Insider’s Guide: Contrarian Travel Tactics at “Where Next?”:The Travel Blog.

Greg Laden encourages you to neither give nor request travel souvenirs in his post Vicarious Travelers and the Poison in the Gift at Greg Laden’s Blog.

If you buy that, then perhaps a read of Flyaway Cafe’s Mary Jo Manzanares‘ post Create a Travel Journal on the Go is in order. She writes, “You can save on expensive souvenirs by making your own travel journal as you go.”

Steve James covers the most common amateur packing mistakes in What NOT To Bring Backpacking: 10 Things To Leave At Home, a guest post at nomad4ever.

Last but not least, if company’s coming, lay out fresh towels, scrub the toilet and read Tip Diva’s post on Top Ten Tips – Being A Courteous Host posted at Tip Diva.

Thanks for reading along. If you’d like to see your post on budget travel in South America, Africa or the Middle East in this carnival, submit using the online form found here. Encourage your favorite regional bloggers to submit posts for next month! Our next carnival will be posted Saturday, when we return to Europe. You can submit your posts through Wednesday for that carnival here.


To my fellow travelers:

Friday marked the 200th post on Less Than a Shoestring. The blog is just one month shy of her first birthday, and in that same month we should reach 100,000 visitors. Right now, everything seems to be coming up 8s — July saw the climb to over 88,000 readers and 800 comments. In that vein, we’re aiming for big changes, to be unveiled 8/8/08 . . . so stay tuned, and have your air sickness bags at the ready, just in case!

(On a related note, if you are a regular reader, will be traveling soon and plan to blog about it, send me a message with your (pen)name, blog URL, short itinerary including dates, and bio, and I will get back to you with more details.)

Most importantly, thanks to everyone for reading and for what you’ve done to help spread the message that no-budget travel is not about deprivation. Keep linking, recommending, social bookmarking and commenting away! As always, I love hearing from readers, so feel free to contact me personally with concerns, suggestions or ideas; you can find the email address in the “Contact” tab above.

Since my last rundown, named Less Than a Shoestring a “Travel Blog Top Pick,” PC2Paper honored us with Travel Blog of the Week, and the folks behind the Facebook presence of Hostelling International USA included us in their list of Ten Great Travel Blogs.

Pam of Nerd’s Eye View, blogging about travel at BlogHer, has kindly referred to U.S. to Require Online Registration for Visa-Free Travelers in her post More in the American War on Tourism and Will I EVER Feel Sorry for Any U.S. Airline? in her post Pity Poor Airlines. The first post was also mentioned at New York Traveler.

It’s not too late to enjoy Travel Events in 2008 Tips from the T-List reminded its readers.

Baring My Budget: Malta was singled out in The Roundup at the Digerati Life and Value For Your Life after its appearance in the Festival of Frugality; it also featured in the Carnival of Money Stories #51, the Money Hacker’s Carnival #5, and the Europe Travel Blog Carnival.

Baring My Budget: Madrid and Barcelona was found in the Carnival of Cities, the Carnival of Travel Guide, the Carnival of Europe, and Destinations Carnival #2.

WiseBread’s article “Europe Reborn as a Budget Destination?” linked to three posts in the Baring My Budget series: Hamburg, Venice, and London. Venice was also included in the Carnival of Money Stories and London in the Carnival of Financial Goals.

No-Budget Tips for Venice and Mestre was selected for the Amazing World Blog Carnival and the Carnival of Doing It Differently. London Tips from the Ground was highlighted by the crew at EuroCheapo. More No-Budget Tips for Stockholm and Nyköping made the rounds at the Europe Travel Blog Carnival, the Carnival of Cities, and the Carnival of Tips.

From my visit to the largest travel show in the world came two posts of ITB Impressions: Beer Tourism was the editor’s pick in the Carnival of 20-Something Finances, also appearing in the Carnival of Living Cheaply; Send your Teddy Bear on Vacation was published in the All for Women Blogging Carnival and the Life Lessons of a Military Wife Carnival.

Timeless Friday Freebies are also popular. WiFi in Europe’s Capital Cities was featured at Vagabond Traveller; U.S. State Tourist Information and Highway Maps in the Money Hacks Carnival; City Guide Podcasts at EuroCheapo; U.S. National Parks Passes at the Outdoor Adventure Carnival, Georgia Blog Carnival, and Carnival of Everything Finance; Seattle Wooden Boat Rides at the Festival of Frugality; and U.S. TV Tickets at The Ironic Mullet.

Other blogs have been kind enough to send their readers over to that week’s Travel on a Shoestring Carnival: Thrifty Mommy and Americas #3, Money Smart Life and Americas #4; Tip Diva and Americas #5; Europe String and Europe #3; and the massive SUPERCARNIVAL #1, also seen at New York Traveler, Tip Diva, and Cheapest Destinations.

Posts on the airline everyone loves to hate have been picked up around the blogosphere. WARNING: RyanAir Online Check-in has been discussed at This Just In, Europe Traveler @ Stripes Blog, Student Scrooge and Oz Traveller. Why I Love/Hate RyanAir was spotted at Tight-fisted Miser, EuroCheapo, and the Festival of Frugality. More Trickery: RyanAir Travel Insurance made it into the Carnival of Tips and the Carnival of Food and Travel. Wednesday Transportation Update got a thumbs up for its RyanAir fees coverage from Euro Cheapo.

Some of the blog’s core posts have also seen good traffic. Travel in your Own Backyard was at Small Actions to Change the World Carnival, the Carnival of Living Cheaply, and A Carnival of Environmental Issues. The Art of Being a Gracious Houseguest was featured in the Carnival of Financial Planning, the Life Lessons of a Military Wife Carnival, the Carnival of Family Life, the Mom’s Blogging Carnival, the For Women Blogging Carnival, the Carnival of Tips, the Carnival of Australia Bloggers, the Carnival of Travelers, and the Festival of Frugality, with special mention from Tight-fisted Miser. Budget Eats was included in Plonkee’s 21 Resources for Budget Travel and given a shout out at Vietnam Travel Notes. Reducing Accommodation Costs appeared in the I Want to Change my Family Tree Carnival, Solid Recommendations for Travel Beauty Products in the Bits of Beauty Carnival, Bargaining Tips for Market Shoppers in the Carnival of Tips, and Smart Uses for your Camera (Phone) in the Geek is Sexy Carnival. Random Travel Tips #3 was cited for its usefulness by Euro Cheapo.

Finally, though the post has now expired, Claim your Refund for Foreign Credit Card Transactions was included in the Carnival of Everything Finance and the Carnival of Debt-Free Living.

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