Welcome to this week’s Travel on a Shoestring Carnival, focusing on the highlights of the European continent. Photographic inspiration of the Crimean vineyards at harvest time comes to us from Q. Sakamakil at National Geographic’s Best Trips 2013. Click on the image to view further pictures of this Ukrainian destination.

Four posts from France start us off this week. Laurie Pike highlights the best swap and flea markets in Paris in her post Affordable Europe: Shop Paris’s hidden markets, posted at This Just InBudget Travel.

Bryan Pirolli’s got the scoop on 2013’s hottest events in Paris in his post 13 Reasons to Visit Paris in 2013 (as if we needed MORE reasons to visit Paris, non?), posted at EuroCheapo blog.

If you find yourself in the south of France, Gorges Du Verdon, The Europe Green Canyon would make an excellent excursion from Nice, Cannes, or Aix-en-Provence.

Zhu compares the cost of living (“a national sport among immigrants”) in North America and Europe in her post 8 Things More Expensive in Canada than in France, posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

Meghana describes her scenic Swiss adventure in Luzern to Interlaken Panoramic Train, posted at Around The World.

Nicky and Susanne detail why staying off the beaten path is better in their post Holland and Belgium: Consider Smaller Destinations Beyond the Capitals on EuroCheapo blog.

Perhaps you missed my very own post on Weird but Memorable Restaurant Options in Berlin on EuroCheapo blog?

I’m a fan of murals and street art, are you? Heather discovers an Italian mountain village with “walls that talk” — where the shops and houses are covered with murals, ranging from traditional scenes to political protest, in her post Bandits and Murals in Sardinia, posted at Heather on her travels.

Bas Grasmayer describes how making friends with the locals in Turkey pays off in numerous ways in his post The Vegetarian Sandwich, posted at BasBasBas.com.

Across the Channel, Annie Fitzsimmons describes the highlights of Galway and the best excursions from the city in her post Galway: a Hundred Thousand Welcomes, posted at Intelligent Travel.

Steven has 10 great tips for making hitchhiking easier and safer in his post Hitch Hiking For Dummies, posted at Socratez Online

“Those miles that you’ve been stockpiling by charging everything from a pack of gum to a flat-screen TV just got a little less valuable,” warns Matt Schulz in his post on frequent flier credit card changes, No more free travel for some airlines’ frequent fliers, posted at blogs.creditcards.com.

Emily Starbuck Crone gives smart advice on saving money while using credit cards in Europe in her post Credit card postcards from Europe: Vol. IV.

And wrapping up this week, hopefully smart Shoestring travelers already know Austin Hill’s Top Five Little Ways To Save Money In Europe, posted at Travellious?

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Travel on a Shoestring: Europe using our carnival submission form. Check out previous editions of this and other Shoestring carnivals here.

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