Travel on a Shoestring Carnival: Africa, Middle East, Americas, Asia, Oz #7

January 30, 2013

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Welcome to this week’s oversized Travel on a Shoestring Carnival. We’ve got posts from 3/4 of the world collected here for your reading pleasure. Best get started!

Photographic inspiration for this edition comes from National Geographic’s Photo of the Day series — a picture taken of the Great Sphinx in 1921 by Society photographer Donald McLeish. Fitting then that our first two posts take us to Egypt.

Making a visit to Giza’s Pyramids a more enjoyable experience for travelers while simultaneously helping the local population sounds like a win-win. Check out the details in Rachael Dunlap’s article Peddler-free Pyramids? posted at Intelligent Travel.

Kimberly Sandberg becomes a vacation celebrity and must deal with the fan mail in her post Flashy ecards & Egyptian Love, posted at Go Green Travel Green.

Further south on the African continent, Ashley Thompson highlights a lodge in Rwanda that uses sustainable tourism practices to help the vanishing mountain gorilla in her post Rwandan Lodge Focuses on Gorilla Conservation posted at Intelligent Travel.

Heading westward now to South America, Andrew Evans recounts falling in love with the Argentinian countryside and getting the last seat on the last bus of his epic adventure in Bus2Antarctica: Argentina Long Haul posted at Intelligent Travel.

Mark O’Neill shows us the best views of the city from Cerro San Cristobal, Santiago, Chile posted at Travel Tips from a frequent traveler.

Dani Blanchette learned these universal budget Travel Tips posted at Going Nomadic while traveling in South America.

How do you feel about medical tourism? Dr Tooth writes that while more and more visitors flock to Costa Rica for its stunning landscapes and scenery, many are unaware that high-level medical and dental services are available at a fraction of first-world prices. Make up your mind for yourself after reading Prime Dental Tourism Destination – Costa Rica posted at WorlDental.

Let expert Tim Leffel sort the wheat from the chaff for you in his post on the most Useful Mexico Travel Websites posted at Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations.

Leyla Giray Alyanak gives some great tips for NYC visitors on a shoestring in her post Cheap New York: When You’re Close to Broke posted at Women on the Road Blog.

I have to say I was surprised by Kevin Giffin’s inclusion of Chatanooga, TN, as one of America’s highlights in his post 10 Trips All Families Should Take posted at Summer Nanny.

But then I read these three posts by Amy @ The Q Family: 13 Things to Do in Chattanooga, Journey Through the Tennessee Aquarium, and Fun Day at the Creative Discovery Museum, posted at The Q Family Adventures.

Attention SoCal visitors: theparttimelife presents five forms of frugal fun for five bucks or less in santa cruz on a shoestring, posted at the part-time life.

Tom’s got some tips on Getting a Free Airline Ticket, posted at FAC Travel Blog.

The next two posts are for the road warriors in our travel midst. Steve Faber presents How to Save Gas Tips – The Master List, posted at super gas saver. He writes, “If you’re driving on your next expedition, your single largest expense could easily be the price of fuel. Here’s how you can save money on gas (or diesel).”

Shaula shares three easy tips to make the most of “car cuisine” in order to save money on the road in her post Road Groceries: 3 tips to turn your car into your kitchen, posted at Your Mileage May Vary.

If you think of putters and wedges instead of cocktails and nightlife when talk turns to clubs, Lane Wright’s post on How to Avoid Sand Traps on Your Golf Vacations posted at Ping Golf Clubs may be just the thing you need to read.

Michael weaves a surprising and sad tale of musical mischief and mysterious love in Upon Meeting The 100% Perfect Moncton Girl posted at project hitchhiker. You’ll wish your Canadian travels led you to get “stuck” as he was!

Skipping now to Asia, are Laura’s 3 Day Trips From Tokyo You Shouldn’t Miss posted at Travelocafe Travel Blog already on your Japanese travel itinerary?

Find a short, off-beat itinerary you can do easily and adventurously in Beijing, without breaking the bank, in Cerise’s post 5 Things to Do in Beijing (That You Probably Don’t Know) posted at The Beijing Apartment Blog.

Who needs to take a fancy course to communicate with the Chinese? Not Dan Harris, who argues that following the no-nonsense model of Anthony Bourdain will get you far in his post F-ck China Culture Lessons. Give Me Anthony Bourdain With No Reservations, posted at China Law Blog.

The destination of Yelagiri is described on Discover Karnataka as a “small hilly hamlet in the India state of Tamil Nadu. People can visit there for a quiet weekend from Bangalore and Chennai. Do not expect the spectacular things of a hill station here. But is okay for a one-day visit. This tour can be done on a shoestring budget.”

Climbing Mount Everest is only one of many possible and popular Nepalese treks, accoring to Anish’s post Trekking in Nepal at

Maria Christiana’s post on Vietnam Trip : Colorful Bac Ha posted at Miss Bulbul will have you seeing rainbows and tasting snake.

If you’re headed to Australia, you may want to save a bit extra before you go. Zhu writes, “The Cana­dian dol­lar and the Aus­tralian dol­lar are roughly at par but in Oz is much more expen­sive. Hos­tel dorm-beds range between $20 and $40, and dou­ble rooms in back­packer places from $50 to $100. A movie ticket is $20, $30 for 3D. Aus­tralians don’t seem to real­ize how expen­sive their coun­try is com­pared to oth­ers.” Check out more of her wisdom in 10 Stuff We Learned in Australia, posted at Correr Es Mi Destino.

Finally, for those in snowy climes needing a winter getaway fantasy, may I suggest you read The Ultimate Travel Guide Of Phi Phi Island at tourism journal to melt your cold, cold hearts?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this massive edition. Submit your posts for the next Travel on a Shoestring Carnival by following the links posted under the Carnivals tab. Next deadline is this Saturday.

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