The Amsterdam Metro Kinda Sucks

January 7, 2013

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I take public transportation in every city I visit. When researching my options for a trip to Amsterdam last year, I calculated that the three-day ticket would be my best bet for getting around the city inexpensively.

What I didn’t know was that the Amsterdam metro system pretty much sucks.  The tickets aren’t valid on the NS trains which I took daily, even inside of the city, nor on many of the night buses.  I ended up riding the metro only twice in three days!

It’s pretty damn easy to buy a ticket — and then pretty difficult to find a map which shows where any of the stops are and which stops are on which lines. I picked up every brochure they hand out, but it wasn’t until I was actually IN the metro that I spotted just the map I wanted. This map is not distributed anywhere else! I’ve stitched it together for you here.

I also wish I’d had the following maps to help navigate the city’s tram network, which seems like it might have gotten me where I needed to go better, if only I’d known where to catch it and where it would take me.
Map of all metro, bus, and tram stops in front of Amsterdam Centraal Station
Amsterdam citywide tram network map

More cheapo Amsterdam tips to follow in another post.

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