20 More Travel Gifts under $20

December 17, 2008

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‘Tis the season to make a numbered shopping list!  Thankfully, the no-budget traveler is easier to shop for than you’d imagine.  If you’re still looking for ideas, take a look at last year’s list, then follow me after the jump for another 20 items for under $20 (18 under $10) your favorite travel fiend.

Before we begin, remember this basic rule:

  • Your local dollar store, hardware store, Target or Walmart may have a selection of these items for less.  I’m not necessarily endorsing any of these merchants and fully recommend using this list for inspiration – feel free to shop around for cheaper (or more expensive) versions.

General Travel

Get around without the language using a single finger and The Wordless Travel Book ($4) or Point It ($6).

Avoid nasty luggage overages with a handheld luggage scale.  For $5 you can get the manual variety; for $20 try the digital.

Have a light at hand anywhere you go (even underwater!) with the flashcard ($6).

When the wind is right, fly a kite — catch a breeze right from your keys ($7)!

Keep your essentials dry while swimming, diving or illegally fording an international water border with a passport locker ($9).

If your traveler is a handy type, they’ll certainly find a use for this credit card-sized multitool ($8).  If you just want the bottle opener, try something like this bottle opener keychain ($1).

If you’re crafty, you can easily make one of these survival kits for a friend by recycling an Altoids tin.


Travel Health and Beauty

Keep your cosmetics or computer/camera cables neatly organized with travel-sized pouches (1, 2) ($1-8).

This handy toothbrush cap (1, 2) has a suction cup to affix to mirrors or tile ($2-3).

Make catching a few ZZZs on the road that much easier with a sleep mask — no- and modest-budget models available ($2-7).


Digital Photography

Give a gift certificate for online digital photo printing (or other products, such as brag books, keychains, posters and the like) at Snapfish or Shutterfly (from $10).

Once your traveler’s received their prints, an acid-free photo album will protect them for eternity ($7-15).

Stuck overseas for the holidays or headed to a tropical beach instead of the traditional Christmas table?  Send individual postcards to jealous friends and relatives using your own photographs at Snapfish or Postcard Perfect ($1-2/card).


Travel Picnic Supplies

Recycle unused film canisters into spice shakers on the road using these travel shaker lids ($1-2).

This one’s extensively author tested: for ice cream and yogurt lovers, the most durable silverware I’ve found that won’t get you into trouble with airport security? Baby spoons!  Here’s a great toddler “travel” set with carrying case for under $4.

Be ready to drink anywhere you go with a folding cup (American, Swedish or Japanese style) ($4-6) — or go the whole hog and get an entire folding dishes set ($16).

Got a must-have I’ve missed?  Seen a round-up of good budget travel gifts you’d like to share?  Pass them along in the comments.

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1 Nomadic Matt 12.18.08 at 9:09 am

awesome list!

2 Stu 12.18.08 at 12:23 pm

Great list. I’d add one of those no batteries torches — there’s hand crankable ones and ones you just need to shake. Most are priced under US$20.

This is an example of the kinda thing I mean: Everlitre Torch.

3 Jennifer L Price 12.18.08 at 12:56 pm

Thanks for another great list!

4 craig 12.18.08 at 3:16 pm

Great. Orikaso is a British invention rather than a Japanese one though.

5 Meredith Franco Meyers 12.18.08 at 4:18 pm

I often buy people luggage tags or passport holders. I found some really cheap ones at “Forever 21″ here in NYC. I’ve also seen a ton at Target, on-line at Target’s site, and at Land’s End.

I like the passport locker you mention here.

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