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December 10, 2008

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Focused readers (and those feed reading rather than bellying up to the trough) may have overlooked two new elements in the sidebar.  Let me draw your attention to them now.

Further down the page I’ve added a “Crossing my Radar” box in which I share links to some of the most interesting and useful posts I’ve spotted across the blogosphere.   If you like what I’ve got to say, I think you’ll like these too.  This is constantly updated as the articles, ahem, cross my radar, so keep checking back to find the latest and greatest in no-budget travel news.  It is even possible to add these as a feed piped directly to your prefered feed reader, if you swing that way.

For the month of December, I’ve added a link to the Passports with Purpose project.  If you haven’t read about it yet, here it is in a nutshell:

Passports with Purpose is a travelblogger-driven fundraiser for Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that seeks to eliminate hunger and poverty around the globe.  I know many of you are kind-hearted souls who have probably given or received a duck or sheep or two with this organization and are familiar with their programs. 

If you haven’t given Heifer money yet this year, or if you’re still unsure what to give some of those hard-to-shop-for ninnies on your list, let me suggest you donate by purchasing a raffle ticket from Passports with Purpose.  All proceeds go directly to Heifer, but you (or your chosen ninny) are also eligible to win some amazing (and expensive) prizes, donated by travelbloggers across the globe.   You can find the full list of prizes here – there’s plenty for travelers and non-travelers alike.

All tickets are sold through 29 December over the First Giving site.  For each $10 donation you make, you’ll be entered into the raffle for the prize you’ve selected.  Be sure to enter your email address and the prize you want to win in the comments field.  The organizers will pull winners and notify them via email on December 30th.

For even better chances at a teensy-tiny prize, I’m still looking for reader suggestions for NYC and DC.  I’m surprised that no one’s left a comment on New York yet (meaning your chances of winning currently stand at 100%).  So click through and add your hard-won experience today!

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1 G 12.10.08 at 7:45 pm

Are you aware that Firstgiving takes a 7.5% fee? I also think Heifer Intl is a great non-profit, but I’d rather donate 100% than 92.5% with a chance to win something I can purchase for myself if I really need it (in my cluttered life, I’m trying to de-acquisition).

2 poetloverrebelspy 12.10.08 at 8:30 pm

I am aware of the fee — it was one of the first things I checked out myself, actually. First Giving is not organizing the raffle, however. They are simply the institution facilitating payments.

I would encourage you to write to the raffle organizers directly with your concerns. They’re a bunch of reasonable, open-minded types — if you had an alternative to suggest, I’m sure they’d consider it.

3 pam 12.11.08 at 5:30 pm

Hi G:

We would have LOVED to give 100% of the proceeds to Heifer, of course, but this is our first year and, to be completely, absurdly honest, we didn’t entirely know what we were doing.

We chose First Giving because they facilitate the important work of taking and distributing the funds along with issuing tax deductible receipts to those that make donations. That was important to us given that we pulled the event together in very little time.

Next year, we’ll be looking our options and if we can find a more effective way to manage the funds, we’ll certainly follow that path.

Thanks, PRLS for posting about us!

Pam (at) Nerd’s Eye View and Passports with Purpose

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