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September 2008

There’s only one time of year when any post outranks my post on how to get your check-in fee back from RyanAir, and that’s late September . . .
Seems I’m not the only one who wants to know how to save serious cash while looking like a native at Germany’s biggest festival!
I’m headed there [...]


Hundreds of museums across the U.S. have signed on to grant free admission to visitors this Saturday, Sept. 27, led by Smithsonian magazine and the organization’s affiliate museums.  You can check the list of offerings by searching your state here.
For you and a guest to qualify, fill out this online form and print the subsequent “card.”  Turn [...]

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It’s not where I’d recommend you stop for a drink after sightseeing in Nicosia, Cyprus:

Just inside the Paphos Gate, this cafe is one of many victims of the long-standing Cypriot conflict. Within the walled perimeter of the Old Town, it stands directly on the present border, the so-called Green Line, which cleaves the island nation [...]


Concerned reader Jennifer writes,
Right now Ryanair APPEARS to have some fares that are literally FREE (no taxes, fees special till 11/15 on some flights; free flight, free if you choose on-line check-in, no bags, no priority). Is that for real???
Yes, Jennifer, it’s for real — as “free” as you can get any “free” ticket from [...]


If you’ll be in our nation’s capital this weekend, you’re in for a treat:  Monday, Sept. 22 is the annual Metro DC Car Free Day.  Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., there will be a car-free celebration at the corner of 7th and F Streets, with free music, tee-shirts and other giveaways.  The Circulator bus will be free [...]


Most tourists tramping through Europe to conquer the must-see sights are likely surprised when they get to Pisa, Italy. With our singular focus on the tower (do you hear me, ladies?), many are caught unaware that it is part of a larger architectural ensemble and is in fact dwarfed by the huge cathedral and baptistry [...]


What a difference 100 years and 500 meters makes!
Within short walking distance of last week’s photo (Dresden’s Procession of Princes), the no-budget traveler will find this socialist mural on the side of Dresden’s Palace of Culture:

There is perhaps no city in the former East Germany that better exemplifies this historical juxtaposition of styles and cultures [...]


No riddles this week, I swear! This photo is fresh off the camera — from Dresden, Germany.

These three dapper gentlemen were spotted on the Procession of Princes wall. If you look closely, you’ll see that the image is actually painted on individual Meissen tiles. Stunningly detailed and quite amazing — but check [...]