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August 2008

It would be far too easy and far less entertaining if I just came out and told you the story behind this photo:

I’d rather hear what you think.  Where was this photograph taken?  Whose door is it?  After five outrageously good guesses from the peanut gallery, I’ll still your curiosity and share the true-life traveler tale.  So give it [...]


Welcome travelers!  I’m happy to be hosting the Carnival of Cities this week.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you should appreciate the variety of locations included in this weekly carnival; if you’re a follower of the carnival, welcome to my blog on no-budget travel and feel free to poke around!
Now, without further ado [...]


This week, not a traditional photo, but rather a collage of textures from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain (visited in June 2008):

Follow other photos around the world (and add your own) at the links in this week’s Photo Friday!


Debbie at Delicious Baby (tagline: Making Travel with Kids Fun) has started a new Photo Friday feature, allowing us web voyeurs to travel around the globe with everyone who chooses to participate (if you’re photo-happy, find out how you can join in at the link above). Since I’ve already got a Friday Freebie feature and [...]


As a no-budget traveler, you’ve been there: trying to sleep in your hostel bed after an exhausting day of sightseeing, your roommates come in drunk in the wee hours, snore loudly or forget to turn off their 6 a.m. alarm. You want to nab a few winks on a train or bus, but [...]