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July 29, 2008

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RyanAir just finished another €1 for select routes in September and October. It is still possible to book some of these tickets for €5-10/leg, so have a look at the site if you’re thinking of traveling during that timeframe.

However, when estimating the price, don’t overlook their recent increase in debit card and EC-card fees — now up from €1.50 to €5 per leg! Whereas the booking fee was once included in their “no taxes, no fees” sales, it is now always an additional charge. The only way to avoid booking charges is to use a Visa Electron card (not available in the U.S., Canada or Australia, according to Wikipedia).

Also, RyanAir recently released a statement reiterating its one bag carry-on policy. Not mincing words, they write,

We will not allow anybody to exceed these permitted allowances, and will be rigidly enforcing our one bag rule this summer. Passengers presenting themselves at a boarding gate should be warned, they will not be permitted to travel if they do not comply with this one bag rule.

Deutsche Bahn is offering any and all comers a 30-day DeutschlandPass for a flat €299 (under 26? a bargain €249). The pass is valid in the 2nd class of all trains, including IC/EC and ICE trains; part of your journey, however, must take place on a long-distance (i.e. not regional or S-Bahn) train [though I'm not exactly sure HOW they expect to police that]. This offer ends August 31, so to get your money’s worth, purchase soon! Tickets are available online (German only).

Finally, EuroCheapo has had a series of guest posts recently from the folks behind Hidden Europe, who shared the following transportation gems:

Tomorrow we’ve got a guest post from Dana on the ins and outs of Japanese rail passes for visitors, so stay tuned!

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1 Rob in Madrid 08.02.08 at 4:15 pm

“they will not be permitted to travel if they do not comply with this one bag rule.”

Actually that’s quite true, in true ryanair fashion they are being real idoits about carry-on, they are allowing you on board with a carry on and purse type bag but are STRICTLY enforcing the bag size. While waiting to board a real airline I watched as the boarding gate desended into chaos. A large argument was developing (unfortunately in Spanish so I didn’t catch it all) over carry on bags. It was clear they were going to deny boarding to several people who’s carry on bags wouldn’t fit in the sizer, and if you’ve ever used a cheap carry on you know most won’t fit in.

Over at easyjet the gate the difference was telling, orderly and quiet, several people had to confirm the bag size but overall neat and orderly. ¨

Unfortunately it is totally random, over at another easy jet gate no one was questioning bag size or the number of bags.

My advice, avoid Ryanair if at all possible, better yet fly a real airline. If your unsure pay the fee and check a bag.

BTW I guess the boarding agent didn’t feel like ruining someones holiday and at the last possible minute and I mean the last possible minute he allowed them to board.

Fly Ryanair no thanks

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