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March 2008

There is still so much to digest from my visit to the ITB on Sunday — and I’m not talking about all the candy I scored walking around “Poland” for a couple hours . . . Lots of ideas, new destinations, imaginations for the upcoming travel season. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll [...]


Better late that never, welcome to the fourth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for the Americas. Here you’ll find North American, Central American and Caribbean travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.
Photographic inspiration this week comes from the ever-inspiring Global Eye at Intelligent Travel. Mary Hockenbery snapped this photograph of a [...]


Being on the road doesn’t have to mean neglecting your teeth. Sure . . .
. . . sometimes you forget to pack a toothbrush. Have no fear, Mr. Toothbrush wants to send you a sample toothbrush, preloaded with toothpaste for easy brushing on the go.
. . . airport security won’t let you take [...]

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A number of my favorite travel bloggers are in town for the ITB — the team from EuroCheapo and I ascended the dome of the Reichstag in record time last night, while a reception tonight promises a meeting with Karen from Europe a la Carte. It’s always nice in the largely anonymous blogosphere to [...]

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Today’s post comes courtesy of long time reader, first time guest blogger Julia, currently at an undisclosed location in Bangladesh.
Having spent a total of ten months living and traveling in South Asian countries, I’ve done a fair amount of haggling. Sometimes I worry that I’m embarrassing myself for a little money, but usually [...]

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If you’ll be in Berlin this week, you might consider checking out the ITB, the world’s largest travel convention. You can find details about times, ticket prices and how to get to the Messe (Convention Center) at the linked page.
Here’s how you can attend for free: all ISIC card holders are granted free [...]


Welcome to the third Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for Europe. Here you’ll find European travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.
This week’s photographic inspiration is courtesy of Heather Cowper at Heather on her travels. Her post Bright skies and blue seas in Cornwall describes “a weekend with the [...]