Friday Freebie: USB Flash Drives

March 14, 2008

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Attention flashpackers! IBM and Microsoft/Novell are giving away USB flash drives. More than handy for transferring files or downloading travel photos, you can smartly use your portable storage to save a copy of your passport’s first page, your emergency contact sheet, or extra passport-sized photos safely until needed.

  • IBM: 512MB (solar) key, comes loaded with information about reducing energy costs using IBM systems
  • Microsoft/Novell: 2GB USB bracelet, comes loaded with information on Linux/Microsoft interoperability

Register, wait, delete and enjoy!

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1 firebird 03.29.08 at 10:22 pm

Hi, I couldn’t find the Microsoft/Novell one despite poking around in the site given… has the offer ended?

2 poetloverrebelspy 03.30.08 at 3:40 pm

firebird, it appears that they have removed the link (you’ll note the address I link to instead takes you only to the site’s front page).

I found the page cached in Google here. You can try filling out the form anyway, but I am guessing that the page’s disappearance suggests they have no more USB bracelets to distribute.

3 firebird 03.30.08 at 6:09 pm

Thanks.. I guess a 2GB USB freebie is too good to be true for long! ;)

4 Natalie Boyd 09.03.08 at 7:23 pm

Yeah, that’s what we were thinkin’ too!

My husband and I leave on September 30th to backpack to various countries around the world for a year or so.

He just published a post on USB Flash Drives this morning.

We would love to have other opinions, ideas, encouragement, advice, helpful tips, and more left as comments.


5 poetloverrebelspy 09.04.08 at 9:49 pm

Useful info on running Skype from a flash drive on the road. Thanks Natalie!

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