Travel on a Shoestring Carnival: Americas #4

March 10, 2008

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Better late that never, welcome to the fourth Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for the Americas. Here you’ll find North American, Central American and Caribbean travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

Sky HeartPhotographic inspiration this week comes from the ever-inspiring Global Eye at Intelligent Travel. Mary Hockenbery snapped this photograph of a heart made of horseshoes on a rancher’s fence — check out the details in Hearts in Nevada.

Geographically closest is Ben’s post Save Money in Las Vegas – A Cheapskate’s Guide to Sin City, over at Money Smart Life. Ben writes, “I had just as much fun as everyone else at the conference and left with more money in my pocket!”

Driving over to California, Mudslide Mama of the Traveling Mamas explains that a supposedly expensive tourist destination needn’t break the bank in her post How To Have a Budget Vacation in High-End Santa Barbara. Then CalebL outlines budget entertainment in one of San Francisco’s parks in the wonderfully titled If a bum can live there, I can afford it, posted at City on a Dime.

A red-eye to JFK has us arriving just in time for Sarah’s tour of New York City’s art highlights in her Directory of NYC museum free/pay-what-you-wish days posted at SARAHSPYChris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler has hot tips on unique and inexpensive places to stay in NYC in his podcast interview with budget guru Pauline Frommer.

South of the border, Janelle Nanos of Intelligent Travel elaborates on the rewards of enjoying local sports after becoming a Mexican soccer fan in Been There: Becoming a Fan.

Finally, James Brausch of Costa Rica HQ shares general advice on potables and getting around in his posts Costa Rica Drinks and Transportation In Costa Rica. From his pages, I convolutedly linked to a really useful site, Travel for Kids. They have an excellent section on Costa Rica; their Americas selections further include Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and the U.S. What is especially noteworthy about this site is their recommendations of appropriate kid lit to read in preparation for the trip. Definitely worth checking out for my librarian friends or those traveling with tots in tow.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Submit your blog article (or encourage your favorite travel bloggers to submit) to the next edition of Travel on a Shoestring: Americas using the carnival submission form. Next week this time we travel to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. You can still submit your posts to that carnival till Wednesday.

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1 MudslideMama 06.08.08 at 6:03 am

What a great carnival! I’m headed to NYC in August, and those tips on how to make it anything less than massively expensive are going to come in handy (thank you, Sarah and Chris).

2 poetloverrebelspy 06.08.08 at 8:45 am

MudslideMama, if NYC is your destination, you might want to look at these other posts as well:
+ Free Podcast Tours of NYC and many other cities
+ SARAHSPY’s NYC Brunch Tips

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