A number of my favorite travel bloggers are in town for the ITB — the team from EuroCheapo and I ascended the dome of the Reichstag in record time last night, while a reception tonight promises a meeting with Karen from Europe a la Carte. It’s always nice in the largely anonymous blogosphere to learn about the people whose work you respect and how they got to the point where you discovered them.

That’s my way of saying there’s not much time to elaborate on the interesting news which you’ll find highlighted below.

Today kicks off the London Festival of Europe, with free events, lectures, debates, films and workshops till March 16th. Thanks to Andreas for the tip.

Bad news for budget fans: Rome’s Forum will now charge an admission fee. If you’re already in Italy, you can get in free until Monday. Budget Travel’s got all the details. Other bad news is that Delta is looking to more tightly control carry-on luggage on its international flights. This doesn’t stop “cheaters” per se, just changes the rules of the game (like making everything fit in the one bag with the red tag until you’re actually on the plane). Is it better that passengers repack their belongings as necessary in the aisle or the seat rather than in the airport terminal? A few tips for fudging your carry-on weight can be found in this post — best used sparingly!

Also at This Just In, Greyhound is trying to get in on the cheap Chinatown fares between DC and NYC with BoltBus, a quasi-low fares scheme. Bad news: a commentator suggests there are extremely limited $1 tickets per bus. I put in a random date in March, however, and discovered $1 fares for every bus that day. The good news: free wifi! You can read more about and find links to your East Coast car-free travel options in this post.

A college friend of mine recently mentioned her reticence to attempt air travel with baby. To her and my other newbie-mom readers, a few ideas from the blogosphere: Flying with Fish has a great list of tips on flying with kids and The Perrin Post covers a number of different ideas for keeping your little ones happy and entertained in airports and planes.

Finally, I discovered a really interesting blog yesterday doing a google image search — it’s called Dumneazu: Ethnomusicological Eating East of Everywhere. There’s food and klezmer music and lots of photos and did I mention food? The site was making me hungry just paging along! I was drawn in by the post on Bergamo (his photos of local pastries and pastas are from the bakery I frequent near the city’s main square) and the intrepid trek to the mall across from the airport, but there are lots of interesting stories from all corners of the globe if you read back into the archives, which I heartily recommend you do on a full stomach.

Forecast: Friday expect a new collection of travel freebies, while Saturday’s Travel on a Shoestring Carnival takes us to North and Central America and the Caribbean. See you then!

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