Friday Freebie: State Dept. Information for the U.S. Traveler

February 29, 2008

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The U.S. State Department provides a number of free information services for travelers and citizens living abroad.

+ At the Travel Registration page, you can notify the local embassy of your intended whereabouts. This makes it easier to find you in event of an emergency back home or evacuations due to civil or political unrest or natural disasters. Registering your passport details speeds replacement due to loss or theft abroad. Finally, the local embassy will send you email updates with news and information specific to the country or region you will be visiting. This is a smart thing to get into the habit of doing before each trip.

+ Sign up for subscriptions to State Department News and Updates by entering your email address and selecting your preferred lists.

+ For a subscription to travel warning and passport regime updates, follow the link and instructions on this page.

+ To subscribe to updates from specific countries where you are resident or travel often, send an email from your preferred address to:

and in the message body type:
Subscribe ACS_COUNTRY First name/Last name
(example: Subscribe ACS_SWEDEN John Doe)

It’s that simple! Sign up today!

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