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January 31, 2008

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Didn’t register in time to send a paper ballot to your state’s Super Tuesday primary? Take heart — January 31 is the final day to register for online voting in the Global Presidential Primary through Democrats Abroad. (It will still be possible to vote by mail or fax or even in person — in select cities on certain dates only — after today; however, internet voting is likely to be the easiest way for you to participate, especially if you live in a country without a DA chapter or don’t live in the capital of your country of residence.) Signing up takes only a few minutes of your time and ensures that your voice will be heard via 11 delegates at the national convention!

You can find more details here, and begin the registration process here. Be sure that you check the YES box next to “Do you want to participate in the Global Democratic Presidential Primary?” and fill in the necessary details in order to qualify for internet voting. Exercise your civil rights and vote!

[Note: Republicans don't seem to have anything similar, otherwise I would gladly share that information here as well. If you're a Republican and wish you were enfranchised, send the Republicans Abroad a message!]

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