Travel on a Shoestring Carnival: Americas #2

January 13, 2008

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Welcome to the second Travel on a Shoestring Carnival for the Americas. Here you’ll find North American, Central American and Caribbean travel tips for those without a lot of money to spend.

If you only have time to read one post this week, let me recommend the oddly named The Secret Lives of Travelers by Susan at The Innovative Traveler. If you liked Random Travel Tips #1 and #2, you’ll love this post which is chock full of information and insider tricks for planning travel. There is seriously something for everyone here. Don’t miss it!

That’s not to say the other posts don’t come recommended! There were a number of great submissions this week.

Those travelers considering a budget Caribbean vacation would be wise to read How to Spend under $150 a Day on Grand Cayman by Alex Robertson Textor at Spendthrift Shoestring. Alex set out to show budget travel is possible on one of the Caribbean’s most expensive islands — and recommends not following in his footsteps!

Des Moines Tee-ShirtKatie Knorovsky at Intelligent Travel read my mind with her post Des Moines: Trendy? The snooty line from the article in the NY Times she cites also caught my derision — as a proud Midwesterner (originally) and a former Iowa resident, we don’t need the NYT travel section to tell us we’ve arrived! Katie (and her helpful commentators) does a great job of outlining what makes Des Moines so hip and where to head if you’re lucky enough to find yourself there.

Janel Messenger, another Frugal Hacker over at P e a r l s, presents Frugal Friday – A Washington D.C. Vacation. This post is loaded with money- and time-saving tips for a trip to the nation’s capital, and she includes a practical guide to eating on the road (a shortened version of which was inspiration for my post Fighting Hunger on the Road).

Susan is back with information on Free Travel Seminars from Rick Steves and his gang. If you’re out in Washington State next weekend, this is the post for you!

In her post Tahiti Village Timeshare Presentation posted at Authentic Insight, Paula Kirsch details how to get nearly complimentary tickets to Vegas shows by attending timeshare sales meetings and recommends which companies to seek out and which to avoid. She writes, “Looking into those timeshare presentations can be rewarding whether you buy or not!”

Mark McGuire at TheLocoMono Website lays out his travel plans for the year in My 2008 Travel Challenges. Mark has a $2000 travel budget and is looking to travel domestically as often as possible. Other posts on his site describe how he uses the AirTran frequent flier points system to earn free tickets for personal travel.

Finally, Sagar presents How an Efficient Business Traveler Should Pack a Carry-On: 6 Essential Tips posted at Travelhacker.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Submit your blog article (or encourage your favorite travel bloggers to submit) to the next edition of Travel on a Shoestring: Americas using the carnival submission form. Next week this time we travel to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. You can still submit your posts to that carnival till Wednesday.

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