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November 2007

One of the things that really annoys me, as you can read on my About page, is the “budget” travel advice given by travel writers with a budget I (and others) would kill for. Matt Gross, better known as the “Frugal Traveler” of the NY Times, is one such writer. His weekend travel [...]


Keeping with the flighty theme this week (unintentional, I swear), RyanAir is offering a limited selection of totally free flights until midnight Friday for travel in December and January.  Check out the list of routes and further details here.


While it’s not really news, the Airfare Watchdog does a good job of spelling out travelers’ rights in the EU in a recent post. Of the legal mumbo-jumbo, the part that you should most certainly be aware of is:
If your flight is cancelled fewer than 7 days before departure and you’re offered an alternate [...]

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While searching for the airline email offer sign-up pages for Sunday’s post, I stumbled across two corporate travel ploys that I am kind of digging.
First, Southwest has two travel programs: groups and gays. Now, I know they’re rocking the rainbow because gay travelers have a lot of disposable income and are more likely [...]


Virgin Atlantic is having a reasonable sale to London from a number of U.S. gateways. Best deals are to be had from DC, where round-trip airfare is pricing under $500, but Chicago is not bad either at $570. Flights are in January or February and need to be booked by Wednesday, November 7.


RyanAir is having another sale till Monday — tickets, taxes and fees to most destinations for 10 euros.
How do I know this? I’m not constantly lurking around their site. RyanAir sent me an email, because I subscribed to their offers and news email list.
If you’re serious about planning a trip and trying to [...]


If you’re booking travel online for the first time or you want to be sure you’re getting the best price possible, you can submit your travel arrangements to Inspector Trip. The internet arm of Sunrise Travel of Eugene, Oregon, they reply usually within 24 hours with an analysis of your plans. If they [...]


Ben over at The Daily Transit had a great post yesterday on “7 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Travel Goals.” His simple ideas like post a picture of your destination in your workspace, get a map to pour over, or carry a phrasebook so you can work on your language skills during [...]