Strikes, Strikes Everywhere!

November 19, 2007

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It seems my whole world is on strike lately, what with not being able to ride the suburban trains here in Berlin or get my almost-daily “Daily Show” fix on the interwebs. It’s no good living 2 minutes from the S-Bahn station or having high-speed when your public servants of transportation and humor refuse to work.

While there is (sadly) nothing I can do about the writers’ strike, I can share a few tips on what you can do to lessen or avoid trouble during the current strikes in Paris and Germany.

The situation appears worse in Paris, where all forms of public transportation are shut down. The IHT Globespotters blog outlines the picture there and suggests getting a Velib public bicycle pass.

I would add the following links:

+ up-to-date information on the strike is available here (including how often the lines are [not] running) (French-only, but easy enough to decode)

+ here you can look up door-to-door travel instructions (so you know which lines even come into question)

+ transfers to/from CDG, Orly, and Paris are provided by Air France (private shuttle services, which you can google, start at around 20 euros/person)

+ Wear out your feet! Online walking tours are available, among others, from Frommer’s (1, 2, 3) and from Citiwalks (find all 7 here).

In Germany, strikes are intermittent. Their status is updated here; the page contains links to (German only) regional pages. The “good” news is that only train travel is affected — in larger cities, this means only the S-Bahn, which is run by Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), will be affected. Fliers take note:  it is usually the S-Bahn which connects to major airports. All other buses, trams and subway trains continue to run as normal.

For travel in Berlin specifically, check out the BVG travel planner. From this page, you can select the button “Advanced Options” which allows you to uncheck DB trains and S-Bahn trains from your travel instructions. You can easily find the regional transport website by searching “cityname public transport”, but here are a few quick links to major cities:

+ Hamburg

+ Cologne/Bonn

+ Munich

+ Frankfurt

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1 poetloverrebelspy 12.01.07 at 2:43 pm

Here are some tips if you get stuck when Rome has struck. :)

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