Friday Freebie: Travel-Sized Goodies

October 19, 2007

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I found two online freebies in the last week that are perfect for travelers, in that they are 1) useful while traveling and 2) under 100 ml, so you can take them on airplanes.

First is new Febreze-to-Go, which is available free after picking up a $2 off coupon (apparently it retails for $1.99) at your local AAA office. Find your nearest one here. Febreze quickly freshens up clothes that stink from the airplane, the pub or your own sweat when you don’t have time or the ability to wash on the go (and it doesn’t hurt some hotel rooms either).

Second is SkinWear hand sanitizer, which claims to kill germs for up to 8 hours. A little bottle of hand sanitizer is a travel must: great before or after a picnic, after questionable sanitary facilities, after touching payphones or riding transport — after any activity where germophobes are likely to have alarms go off and before any where you don’t have the chance to wash with soap and water.


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