Random Travel Tips #1

October 9, 2007

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Back safe and sound from London! Expect a write-up soon. In the meanwhile, some random travel tips of use brainstormed while preparing for the trip.

+ To prevent your travel fluids from leaking, squeeze some air out while screwing on the lid. This creates a tiny vacuum inside the bottle. Nevertheless, keep any fluids inside a sealed plastic bag (see, those TSA regulations are good for something!).

+ Luggage tags, luggage tags, luggage tags — use the free ones from the airlines if you have to. Put them inside and outside every bag you travel with; tie one securely to the luggage strap as well (in case it falls off, you can claim it later). Consider sticking one inside your umbrella and perhaps in your coat as well (your travel accessories most likely to be forgotten somewhere).

+ When you arrive at your destination, immediately remove the large luggage tracking stickers stuck on checked luggage by the airlines. This not only prevents the incorrect handling of your luggage in the future, but it makes you look less like a tourist right off the plane. Lots of locals wheel bags and carry luggage; no need to make yourself (more of) a target for the unscrupulous.

+ If your suitcase is black or navy and non-descript, tie a rainbow ribbon or something unique to one of the carrying handles to more easily identify your bag on the conveyor belt.

+ You cannot take a full water bottle through airport security these days, but you can always carry an empty one. Fill it from the bathroom taps on the other side. Flight attendants are also generally happy to fill your bottle with drinking water.

Looking for more tips?  Try Random Travel Tips #2.

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