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October 2007

The NY Times filled this week’s travel section with advice for an “Affordable Caribbean” vacation, highlighting inexpensive options on each of islands. While their accommodation options are never within this no-budget traveler’s budget, they do make a number of useful recommendations on cheap activities and eats off the beaten path.
Perhaps more useful is the [...]


I was reading through the posts at the Festival of Frugality, a blog carnival hosted this week at Being Frugal, and I clicked on a post from I’ve Paid for This Twice Already, entitled “Do Vacations Spoil You for ‘Normal’?” Paid Twice is one of many personal finance bloggers that gives advice for getting [...]


We over on the right side of the Atlantic ended daylight savings time (DST) on Sunday, meaning that the time difference between London and New York is currently only 4 hours, between London and Los Angeles 7 hours. The party ends Sunday, when American clocks fall back and the differences increase an hour to [...]

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I read a little blurb about Meeting the French over at the International Herald Tribune’s travel blog Globespotters.
While the organization offers a couple paid services which mimic a free organization like Hospitality Club, they do offer something you can’t get anywhere else: behind-the-scenes tours of traditional French businesses, from truffle makers to porcelain [...]


Since 1991, the In Your Pocket team has been working to create useful guides for (what were then) out-of-the-way places; now that Tallinn and Riga are popular destinations, they’ve nonetheless continued to cover ignored places like Zakopane, Gelsenkirchen, Sopot and Siauliai. You’ll find their guides focus largely on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. [...]


In August I posted a request for reader tips to the high-budget destinations of London and Stockholm. To the worthy advice of my readers on the former, I add my own observations following my recent travels to both.


Oktoberfest is one of Germany’s most famous and popular festivals; the largest Oktoberfest celebration takes place in Munich every year. Most people associate it with beer — and rightly so! This year’s festival in Munich saw 6.2 million visitors drink 6.7 million “Maß” (pronounced mass, usually a liter of beer). The tents [...]


Three days in Stockholm, including flights to/from Berlin, cost me 800 SKR. How did I do it? I lay my budget bare after the jump.


What’s in My Bag?

October 21, 2007

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I’m back from my travels, so this week has exciting updates from Stockholm and London in store, along with the regular mix of no-budget travel topics.
While smart travelers don’t necessarily carry a lot of luggage, they know what to carry along with them to be prepared for a number of situations which could arise. I’m [...]


I found two online freebies in the last week that are perfect for travelers, in that they are 1) useful while traveling and 2) under 100 ml, so you can take them on airplanes.
First is new Febreze-to-Go, which is available free after picking up a $2 off coupon (apparently it retails for $1.99) at your [...]