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September 2007

STA Travel recently introduced free travel widgets for your blog or desktop. There’s a trip countdown clock, a travel to-do list, and a weather comparison chart worth mentioning. I wanted to add the countdown clock to this post so you could see how many days until I return from my big trip and [...]


In an NY Times article about chronic flight delays, author Jeff Bailey notes a useful website where you can check out whether the flight you’re interested in is regularly on-time or late. At the same site, you can also see how long the typical wait times are at the various security gates of any [...]


I am busily planning a trip for next week with my mother to Brussels and Italy. This reminded me of a fairly straightforward way of finding inexpensive accommodation, even in large cities: rent an apartment.
I have rented apartments for short stays in big cities like Riga and Prague and smaller towns in Slovakia [...]