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August 2007

For the no-budget traveler, the single largest expense following plane tickets is accommodation. Even at the low end, hostel sleepers will spend between $10 and $20 per night for their bed in a 4-to-6-bed room. Over two weeks, that adds up to $140-280; over six weeks, $420-840. Now imagine you could free [...]


Lufthansa has created free podcasts about a number of its European destinations. They give you a quick overview of some major sites and must-dos in each city. At present, they cover: Barcelona, Budapest, Dublin, Frankfurt, Innsbruck, Istanbul, London, Milan, Munich, Nice, Paris, Prague, Rome, Valencia, Venice, Vienna, and Zurich. While the [...]


Admit your curiosity was piqued by yesterday’s post on low-cost carrier RyanAir. In 2005, RyanAir represented over 5% of the intra-european market, with the number of passengers expected double in 2007. For you and me and an estimated 52 million people this year, it’s hard NOT to get excited about a way to [...]

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Lately RyanAir has been having some amazing sales. If you’re an European traveler and you’re not familiar with RyanAir (and its ilk), you should be. RyanAir is the granddaddy of low-cost airlines which today seem to be springing up everywhere in its wake (to the joy of budget travelers across the continent). [...]


The Birth of the Blog

August 7, 2007

in Travel

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of budget travel advice from newspaper writers with $100/day accommodation budgets.
My idea of budget travel is around $10/day before admissions fees. Yes, even in Europe. Travelers like us don’t eat in restaurants everyday. We like meeting locals and other travelers, strolling through parks and [...]