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August 2007

One of the easiest ways to save money on the passport and visa application process is to take and print your own passport photos. I’m not exactly sure why U.S. photo studios and local drug stores have taken to charging so much for two or four identical photographs when a white background and an [...]


The NY Times had a recent article in its travel section about the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
ALTHOUGH the 2008 Summer Olympics, being held in Beijing from Aug. 8 until Aug. 24, are still a full year away, making plans to attend the Games has already come down to a roulettelike gamble of hurry-up-and-wait, with [...]


Budget Drinks

August 28, 2007

in Drink, Food, Travel

Even if you’re a teetotaler, you may find your drink budget nearing or exceeding your travel food budget. The reason is simple: restaurants make their profits from drinks. Not unlike movie theaters and popcorn, the food restaurants sell you is how they reel you in to purchase beverages, so meals are most [...]


Budget Eats

August 27, 2007

in Food, Travel

After transportation and accommodation, the budget traveler’s biggest expense is food. On the road, our food budget often ends up larger than our home budget due to the higher price of both convenience items and of restaurants. Here I’ll discuss some ways to save on eating without either starving or denying yourself local [...]


The Weekend on Hold

August 23, 2007

in Reader Tips, Travel

I’ll be in the hospital from Thursday till Monday, so there won’t be any updates during this time.
Perhaps you’ll consider subscribing to RSS or Atom Feed updates, so you’ll know when we’re back online?
Leave a comment with suggestions for post topics you’d like to see: cities we should cover, travel topics that leave you [...]


Seth Gitter writes about a bargain of an American professional sport: baseball. A bargain, that is, for fans whose team regularly has bad seasons.
There are plenty of deals to be had at major league ball parks. Granted if your favorite team is the Red Sox or Yankees your [sic] less likely to find [...]


Today kidsilkhaze blogged about the cheap fun to be had at your local state fair. Less Than a Shoestring heartily seconds that emotion (and oozes with envy at the roasted turkey legs she ate!). Though I have never been to the Minnesota State Fair (nevertheless yearly appreciating our late school begin, which allows [...]

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As I mentioned in my RyanAir sale post, I’ll be traveling to London and Stockholm in October — not exactly low-budget travel meccas, especially for travelers with the dollar in their pocket.
These are destinations I’ve never been, but I know some of you faithful readers have visited or even lived in these two cities. [...]


Cutter & Buck, a clothing company I’ve never heard of, is offering their signature luggage tag, an $11.50 value, free to anyone who registers at their website.
I’ve tested this myself, so I know it works. It did take a lot longer than promised, however. By the time it arrives, you’ll have forgotten about [...]


I am busily packing — not for a trip mind you, for a move across Germany. Nevertheless, I am filling up suitcases, which got me thinking about the best way to pack a suitcase.
My favorite suitcase to pack is a Timberland wheeled convertible backpack. When I got it, it was carry-on size, but [...]